“Sue-Jay-Ah” // “Day-Vee”

Sujaya published her second book, “Devi(l): poetry and prose,” in 2021. Devi(l) is about the middle ground of human experiences.

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Sujaya is a digital storyteller. She uses her writing, photography, video collaborations, and podcast, to speak on the middle-grounds of life. Culture, tradition, identity, and gender are prominent topics in Sujaya’s work. Sujaya is a creative director and producer of Our First Page: a podcast about beginnings. (Subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor)

Sujaya was previously a design research team lead at the University of Toronto’s Innovation Hub where she implemented design thinking methods to gain insights on student perspectives. Her team worked in collaboration with the Division of Student Life to support their Strategic Planning Process. She worked at University College at the University of Toronto as a library assistant. Sujaya was previously an instructor at Sheridan College’s Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design where she taught Design Technology in the Media Fundamentals program.

Sujaya completed her Master of Information Degree in 2020, specialized in Culture and Technology studies at the University of Toronto Faculty of Information.

From 2016 to 2017, Sujaya worked non-profit as the President and Executive Director of the student media group: University of Toronto Mississauga Television, or @UTMTV. She helped students develop their photography and videography skills through on-site training and classroom tutorials. Sujaya graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelors of Arts degree. She double majored in the Professional Writing and the Communications, Culture, and Information Technology programs at the Mississauga campus. Sujaya also graduated from Sheridan College with a certificate in digital communications and worked at Sheridan College following her graduation as a teaching assistant for the ICCIT program in design fundamentals.

Sujaya is passionate about equity and empathy. She hopes her work creates positive change.

Sujaya is deist, feminist, vegetarian, and yet calm? (She’s an ambivert.)

Sujaya continues to write (left).

Photo by Raras Ayu Azzahra