Sujaya Devi 



social media: @sujayadevi


Graphic Design: Adobe Illustrator. Film editing: Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut. Audio editing: Adobe Audition, Magix. Photography: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom.  Communications: writing, scripting, podcasting. Social media management: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, Instagram, Asana.  Design: Adobe Illustrator.


University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM)

Communications, Culture, Information and Technology (CCIT)—Major

Professional Writing and Communications (PWC)—Major

HBA: Honours Bachelor of Arts


Sheridan College

Certificate in Digital Communications



Author: Life Rattle Press

Write Left. ISBN: 978-1-987936-48-3 

June 2017Present

Design Teaching Assistant: Sheridan College

Instructed students on design fundamentals using Adobe Illustrator.

May 2017July 2017

President & Executive Director: University of Toronto Mississauga Television (UTM/TV)

Videographer. Designer. Editor. Facilitates team projects, communicates between organizations and unions, communicates tasks and instructions, schedules, leads and runs meetings, trains members with the basics of videography, design, and photography, oversees media production and publishing, oversees social media channels, finance management and administration.

July 2016Present

Designer: Students for Visions of Science                                          

Created graphics in Adobe illustrator for social media pages and for a printed banner.

September 2016

Communications Associate: Eco Health and Wellness INC.

Redesigned websites. Created graphic designs for logos and banners. Managed office photography, photo editing, and video editing. Created and explained social media basics to coworkers for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

May—August 2016

Delegate: Institute of Communications Culture and Information Technology (ICCIT) 

Represented ICCIT at the Future, Innovation, Technology and Creativity Conference in Toronto.

April 2016

March Break Open House: ICCIT Representative

Provided students and parents with information and insight on the ICCIT program.

March 2016

Accessibility Note-taker: UTM

Delegated note taker for accessibility students in CCIT and PWC courses at UTM.

January—April 2016