Open Letter

Open letter to everyone going through whatever they’re going through right now,

If life isn’t easy today, let me first say that I’m sorry that you’re going through this. It seems unfair; I know. Some days are filled with colour and others are clouded out with fog. Look at nature with all of its seasons; it’s just like us. It goes through different phases: hot and cold, bright and dark. None of it is constant. None of it lasts forever. We need to keep that in mind when we find ourselves at our lowest points. It gets bad but eventually it can only get better.

We can’t place blame on anyone, including ourselves, for the way things are, but we can accept that things need to change. Start with what makes you uneasy, unhappy, or stressed. Why does it affect you the way it does? Do you need alone time? Space?  A friend? A helping hand? Do you need someone to lend an ear without judgement? There is nothing wrong with asking for help. There is nothing wrong with needing a break. There is nothing wrong with you. Sometimes it’s miscommunication that complicates what should be a simple interaction. Sometimes it’s a lack of empathy for one another that builds tension. Sometimes we need to step outside of our bubble and see that we are fortunate for what we have. I’m sure the people who came before us had struggled too, but without them we could not be who or where we are today.

It’s the rise and the fall that makes the story. It’s the way we tell the story that adds to our character. You can cast a dark sky over your world, or you can choose to see the rain nourishing the flowers until they bloom. Sure, things may not be ideal, but what’s to stop us from making it the best it can be?

Our mindset is our strongest tool when we face these battles. There is a way out. Even if you’re stuck with people who don’t see it that way, you can open the curtains and invite light into the room. They may not see the sunshine, but it’s there. Self-sufficiency is a characteristic that will always function to your benefit. Positivity is your strongest asset in these times.

Positivity is a full time job. You don’t get paid, but it pays off. Stay positive.


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